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Apple iOS 5 Vs Microsoft WP7 Mango Vs Android IceCream 3.1 [Pics & Video Comparison]

No one outside of Windows Phone 7 glittering fortress knew for sure what WP7 Mango would bring, but we did have hints and clues pointing to notifications, group messaging, and Twitter integration.

Microsoft  presented 10 of the reportedly 200 additions and enhancements, including a long-awaited update to the way Wp7 handles obtrusive notifications, and the ability to cut out the USB cord for over-the-air system updates.
While all the new features mark happy tidings for Microsoft fans, many of the features have been seen before on Android, BlackBerry, and Apple iOS. Here's a look at how the major updates Microsoft most proud of compare to rival mobile platforms. We've included dates and the names of Windows new features when available.

We're going to go over how Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android display installed apps, and talk about what that says about the platforms.  

Apple has built a notification center into iOS 5 that’s very similar to Google’s Android operating system. The notifications are now displayed at the top of iOS and can easily be dismissed in a similar way to how Windows Phone 7 operates.

iOS 5 notifications compared to Windows Phone
Ergonomic keyboard
Apple has now built a split ergonomic keyboard into iOS 5. The feature is eerily similar to an identical keyboard that Microsoft revealed in Windows 8 recently. Microsoft also had a similar split keyboard in its Ultra Mobile PC (Origami) product.

Spot the difference? Windows 8 on bottom
Built-in Twitter
Apple has integrated Twitter straight into iOS 5. You can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube or Maps. Microsoft is also building in Twitter integration deep into Windows Phone Mango, the company has yet to demonstrate exactly how this will work however.

Twitter integration - Windows Phone left
Background download service
Apple revealed its own background download service for Newsstand. The new feature lets magazines andnewspaper app subscriptions download automatically. Windows Phone Mango also includes a similar service that application developers can build into their apps.
Messaging improvements
Apple introduced iMessage on Monday. You can send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G from the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to anyone who has an iDevice. Windows Phone Mango has also introduced deeper integration of messaging services directly into the operating system.

Messaging integration - Windows Phone left


Apple iOS 5

Android Ice Cream

Windows Phone 7 Mango

BlackBerry OS 7
Grouped notifications

Web  Browser  

Notification Center 

Safari, HTML 5
Notifications pull-down (2008)


Live tile updates (2010)

IE 9 ,HTML 5 Next-generation ,Silver Light

Notification icons on home screen

Group, multimedia messaging (free within ecosystem)
Standard messaging; Third party apps (Kik, GroupMe)
Built in (Facebook,Twitter &   Live Messenger)
BlackBerry Messenger 5 (2009)

Messenger,Sharing  Chat App

Boot-up Time

 Built in (iOS to iOS only)

27 seconds
    Built in

30 seconds

  Built in (Facebook,Twitte &   Live Messenger)

21 seconds

Built( BBM to  BBM only)

26 seconds
Over-the-air updates
iOS 5, fall release
Original feature (2008)
WP7 Mango next release
BlackBerry OS 5 (2009)

Video,Voice,Chat & VoIP

Third-party apps

Third-party apps

 Build in Skype,Msn

Third-party apps

Office 365

iOS 5, App

Third-party apps

 MS-Office 365

Third-party apps

Browser reading mode

iOS 5, fall release

Third-party apps 

   Full rich  Integrated

Third-party apps
Rich text formatting
Mail app
Third-party apps
Office documents
Third-party apps

Camera shortcut on a locked phone

iOS 5, fall release

HTC Sensation has a lock screen shortcut

Hold and press shutter from sleep position (Pocket-to-picture; 2010)

Must wake up phone
Games recommendations, see achievements Games Center Not availableXbox Live Plus Kinect integrated (Achievements; 2010); enhancements with Mango Not avilable
  Web browsing Speed

Boot-up Speed
 Conclusion: After the hardly comparison between Apple iOS 5, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Mango,Android ice cream 3.1 & Black berry os 7 The final conclusion is, People are getting  more attracted  to the Windows Phone 7 enable devices. because of the ease of operating the devices and low cost factor. and Very renowned companies  are changing the scenario of operating Windows Phone 7 has more attractive user interface with its ability to add live tiles perform fast web browsing  ,,with Dramatic storm boot-up..
RESULT is crystal clear Windows Phone 7 wins..


NEW!!! How To Get Unlimited Microsoft Points Free Proof [Video Tutorial]

 NEW!!! How To Get Unlimited Microsoft Points Free Proof Video Tutorial

Are you a Xbox 360 gamer? If you are, most likely you would want a way free xbox live or free Microsoft points.

This method is a short method to getting your free Microsoft points. It requires pretty little work too.
A guide on how to do this is below.

New Table of Contents

    * Guide to getting the Free Microsoft Points
how to get Free Microsoft Points

Guide to getting the Free Microsoft Points

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For Example


5. Remove the brackets beside the information

6.Check your email in about 6 to 12 hours sometimes longer.

CAUTION! I will not be held responsible for any damage, problems or trouble this may cause, be aware that I am not influencing you to perform these acts but rather showing you how


Q1.How Do You Get The JavaScript ?

A1.My Friend Is A Moderator Of Xbox 360 I Requested Him He Gave Me The Code

Q2.How Much Hours/Day Does It Takes To Get The Microsoft Points ?

A2.It Takes Mostly 6 To 86 Hours

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How to Download & Install Mac 10.7 Lion on VMware – Windows 7 [Pics & Video Guide]

If you're on Windows, need to use OS X, but don't want to buy or build a new computer, reader ihack post  how to run Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in a virtual machine on Windows with just a few tweaks.

Probably this is the first complete and working guide available on internet to install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on VMware in Windows 7 Intel PC. After several days of searches, attempts, reading  and collecting information from different places, I managed to install latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7 on my Intel Core2duo computer with VMware workstation in Windows 7.
This method should work in VMware Player also, but I prefer workstation because of Snapshot feature. I don’t think you would face any issues on other types of Intel processors, but make sure you have Hardware Virtualization Technology (VT), 64 Bit, and Core2duo or later supported processor. I’m not sure about AMD processor users. Someone please try and update in comments area for AMD processor with Lion on VMware.
Install Mac 10.7 Lion on VMware - Windows 7 Intel PC
This method is completely for testing and learning purpose only.

What You Need?

  1. VMware workstation 7
  2. Download MAC OS X LION  The latest Mac OS from Apple. This was directly downloaded from Mac App Store, no alterations what so ever.
  3. Lion OS X bootable VMDK file created from original installation medium (DVD or ISO file) – Check this guide and make this bootable image as described.
  4. Additional Files (Click here to download) – Its a zipped file from two sets of files and a darwin.iso file.
    One for patch your VMware software to support Mac OS X server guest ( Original Source), second  one with pre configured Virtual machine files (Original source) and darwin.iso file to install VMware tools on guest to get more screen resolutions  and VMware shared folders.
  5. Check the VT in your host BIOS as shown here with some tools.
  6. Just little bit time to read the complete guide :)

The Demonstration PC Configuration

I’m doing and taking screenshots for this guide from my Intel Core2duo 2.66GHz, 3GB RAM, Intel P35 chipset and Windows 7 32 Bit host Operating System

Steps to Install Mac 10.7 Lion on VMware–Windows 7 Intel PC

1) Download the additional files and extract the macosx_guest_vmware_7.tar.gz.
Before run the patch, I highly recommend to take a full backup of VMware Workstation/VMplayer programs files (Normally located under C:\Program Files\VMware).
By running this patch, it will modify some VMware exe files and unlock VMware to support Mac OS X server guest versions in Windows host.
Close the all virtual machines and VMware program completely, then open the command prompt as administrator in Windows OS, execute the windows.bat file.
patch_vmware_for_Mac_os_x guest lion

2) Extract the file which you download in additional files set. Make sure extracted file location is having enough of disk space to grow (may be up to 10GB).
Open Mac OS X Server 10.6 64-bit.vmx file in VMware workstation or VMPlayer.
Go to the settings of virtual machine and add a hard disk, select existing option and browse the Lion installer image VMDK file we created by previous guide.
Install Mac 10.7 Lion on VMware - Windows 7 Intel PC
You can modify the memory size and increase number of processors based on physical computer processor cores.
Remove the CD/DVD drive file attached with this pre configured file.
3) That’s it. Start the virtual machine now. It should boot now. It will boot from 5GB vmdk file we created as bootable installer image.
Select the Language in first screen and start the installation.
Install Mac 10.7 Lion on VMware - Windows 7 Intel PC
4) Select ‘Macintosh’ disk in the next screen. If you can’t see the disk to select and continue, then go to ‘Utilities’ and click on ‘Disk Utility’. Create a partition as shown below.
5) I’m sure installation will end smoothly. Complete the initial configurations and setups at the next boot. You can remove the 5GB installer VMDK file from virtual machine to avoid any over writing on this virtual hard disk.
6) Here is the working Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on VMware workstation as a virtual machine in Windows 7 Intel based computer. It’s really nice to run and play around with Apple’s latest OS on normal PC. I’m sure this method will work with final release of 10.7 too.
Take a Snapshot before do anything now!

Some Post Installation Checkups and Configurations

1) Network
Network inside Lion virtual machine worked out of the box. I configured NAT and Bridged network types which worked nicely with my physical internet connection.

2) USB storage Access
USB storage access including Flash disk and external hard disk works fine in VM.

3) Increase Screen Resolution and VMware Shared Folders in Lion OS X
You will get only one screen resolution size inside Lion OS in VMware. Install VMware tools to increase the screen size and get more resolution options, also VMware shared folders work fine without any network between Lion guest and Windows 7 host. This helps to share data between host and guest easily.
There are two issues in VMware tools.
a) Full screen view is not working properly. You can’t switch the guest lion virtual machine to ‘Full Screen’ in View menu, its just breaking the desktop and need to be restarted.
What I did was, setup the resolution size to match my physical monitor’s size then used ‘Quick Switch’ in View menu. Its very similar to full screen mode as I’m getting the virtual machine’s screen fully in my monitor with 1400×900 resolution.
b) Sound is not working. The pre configured VM file (VMX) which you download already not having sound card. After adding sound card to virtual machine and install VMware tools, still sound is the problem.
I have tried several other packages including EnsoniqAudioPCI and AppleAudio kext files, but no luck. If sound works for someone, please share how you did.
To Install VMware tools, mount the darwin.iso to DVD/CD drive and run the installation. Restart the VM.
Here are the available screen resolutions after VMware tools installation to increase the screen size.
4) VMware Shared Folders in Lion OS X guest and Windows 7 Host
Go to Settings of virtual machine and select ‘Shared Folders’ under ‘Options’. Select ‘Always Enabled’ and add the Folder or Partition from Windows host Operating System. That’s it, now try to open the ‘VMware Shared Folders’ shortcut from desktop of guest machine.
You should be able to access the host’s shared folder or partition from Lion virtual machine now.

5) Sound
As I said earlier, its not working with me now. I’ll be keep trying possible methods to make this work in Windows host. It may work inside Lion virtual machine when you run this Mac host with VMware Fusion.

I’m not a Mac user, but while comparing with Snow Leopard 10.6, Lion 10.7 looks good with new features and new interface to work.
Now, I expect your comments, successful and failure attempts by this method. Feel free to drop a comment if this works or not. As I said earlier, I did this in Intel Core2duo computer, So I need your inputs on other types of processors including Intel i-series and AMD processors.
Help others by your comments and share this guide to install Mac OS X Lion on VMware with Windows 7 host.
                                                     Enjoy ur day wth Mac OS X LION
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Get Skype Credits Worth €1.17 Upto 60 Minutes Free....[NOW WORKING]


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Microsoft reveals secret social project "Tulalip"

Microsoft Bangs to Shut down, Google+, as Microsoft's Social Network is on the way "Tulalip

Is anyone surprised that Microsoft is working up its own social networking project after Google+ broke cover and has blown up the way it has? Microsoft has leaked its own social network project when the splash page for the site was leaked on recently. The splash page was taken down and a message left in its place reading, “Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research, which was mistakenly published to the web. We didn’t mean to, honest.”
As of Thursday, Microsoft has taken down the splash page and replaced it with a message acknowledging the project
Microsoft might want us to think the social network is an internal design project, but I don’t think any of us believe it doesn’t want a piece of the social networking pie. I bet the project will morph into something along the lines of Google+. Whatever the project turns out to be I hope Microsoft changes the name, Tulalip really, really sucks.
The name reminds me of the old joke that goes something like “I know where you can get a job planting Tulips,” and then you point to your arse. I guess they could have just went more with the Google rip off theme and called it Microsoft +. What do you think of this whole thing, intentional leak or accident? I say intentional.
But we are hoping Microsoft does not  plan to stick with Tulalip as the name for there new social project until a splash page surfaced on