Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forget 3D, here comes the QD TV, A New Era in Light and Displays

The history of television is very old. There was a time when people use to witness TV black and white small TV sets. Then came the era of colour TV. This era was enjoyed by the people a lot. After this came the era of TV with woofer sound. Liquid-Crystal display television LCD TV are the television sets that use LCD display technology to produce images. They are thinner, lighter and are available in much larger sizes.LCD’s new and modified version was LED. A Plasma display panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays in 30 inches or larger.
Since 3DTVs were first mass marketed back in 2010, we’ve been waiting for the next major break-through in television. According to scientists at Manchester University, this could be paper-thin OLED TV displays that incorporate quantum dot technology.

Recently Scientists at Nanoco in Manchester, England, have created light emitting particles 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human strand of hair.
Known as quantum dot technology, the light particles can be produced to emit any colour and printed onto flexible plastic to create ultra-thin televisions. The Nanosys technology is called Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF). It increases the color gamut (or number of colors) in a display by as much as three times without any increase in cost, size or power consumption.
Nanoco said quantum dot technology offers better picture quality and lasts longer than traditional liquid crystal display (LCD) screens.
This is the result of the Open Innovation experiment. It is an experience video showing the future of screen technology with stretchable screens, transparent screens and QD displays, to name a few. 

The company are working on small personal devices to begin with, but hope to develop bigger projects.
“Something else we are looking at is reels of wallpaper or curtains made out of a material that has quantum dots printed on it,” a spokesman for Nanoco told the Daily Mail.
Nanoco are reported to be working with major Asian electronic companies to produce the first quantum dot technology TV by the end of next year.
The flexible screens could be in the shops within the next three years.
Nanoco defines itself as “a world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots” at a time when being “cadmium-free” presents special advantage. Cadmium is generally used in LEDs in lighting and displays. The European Union has made it exempt, though, from its Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive due to the fact that there isn’t yet a practical substitute, according to eWEEK Europe. That exemption is to end in July 2014.
“Our research and development department is also constantly engaged in the creation of new quantum dots with additional properties sought by the market, such as our RoHS-compliant heavy metal-free quantum dots,” says the company

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leak: Nokia C8, the Symbian Belle running successor to the Nokia C7?

If you have been following the Nokia C7 phone or own one or even looking forward to owning one, then you should check this out. Nokia might soon unveil a successor to the Nokia C7 mobile phone – the Nokia C8.
for all, who are waiting for a really good design of a Nokia phone since E71, this design concept of a Nokia C8 looks very promising to me :-)

After new CEO’s letter to the Nokia’s employees, Nokia and Microsoft strategically teamed up to produce one of the most innovative phones of this year.Nokia is working on the successor/ replacement for their N8 cameraphone. The new Nokia imaging flagship will have a bigger camera sensor (not sure about resolution), optical zoom, 3.5” WVGA Clear Black display with Gorilla Glass, 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM. And it will still run on Symbian.
The phone above is the Nokia C8 Concept Phone. It is definitely the best looking concept phone we have seen in quite sometime if not the best looking ever.

Main Specs:
  •  -3.8" WVGA Clear Black display with Gorilla Glass
  • - 2nd OLED 330x50 for the buttons
  • - 1.3 MP front cam
  • - 12MP Carl Zeiss cam with LED flash
  • - HDMI out
  • - 3,5mm jack
  • - microUSB
  • - Active Noise Cancellation Microphone
  • - dedicated Cam button and Battery Indicator
While  the manual also revealed that it’s a Symbian Belle device with NFC, HDMI, and DLNA capabilities.

The design borrows elements from both the CSeries phones as well as the luxury 8xxx series of phones from Nokia and combines them into one device. One would say the formula is Nokia C7+8800+8600 Luna.
Soon we are gonna see a new Symbian phone Nokia C8 with a high quality 12MP camera similar to the recently released
The whole shape is take from the Nokia C7, the silver elements from the 8800 and the glass elements from the 8600 Luna. We are not aware who the creator of this wonderful concept is as we haven’t seen an official publication anywhere.